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DINA LONG ....... 732-842-0099 x 13
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Thank you for visiting our web page and learning more about Sea Bright.

As you are likely aware, on October 29, 2012, Superstorm Sandy ripped through our beloved hometown, causing catastrophic damage and temporarily displacing the majority of our 1,400 residents and all of our businesses.

We've always been known as a hearty community, however; and we are coming back. Our progress has been faster than many would have expected. This is directly accountable to the combined efforts of many kind, generous and hardworking people who have come to Sea Bright to aid our recovery.

Some residents have been able to come home, and three of our businesses have open doors: Ama Ristorante, Harry's Lobster House, and, thankfully, Bain's Hardware. The road back to "new normal" in Sea Bright is going to take time, but our community is truly grateful to all who are helping us along the way.

As we work toward full recovery, I urge Residents of Sea Bright to please monitor frequent updates to this website for critical information about upcoming town meetings, obtaining assistance and returning home. On Social Media, I'm a frequent user of Twitter @seabrightmayor and Facebook ("like" Mayor Dina Long.)

To those of you who are "honorary" locals and lovers of Sea Bright, keep coming back! As we like to say in town, Sea Bright is Rising!

Best wishes for a blessed 2013.

Mayor Dina Long